About Keith Fitzpatrick

My name is Keith Fitzpatrick and I’m currently finishing up my BA in Journalism in Dublin Business School. I’m targeting a career in writing, in whatever code I can get. I’ve found myself primarily focusing on sports and entertainment writing and have contributed to a number of online publications over the last two years including:

  • TalkingBrawlsMMA.com – Reporting/feature writing on UFC and mixed martial arts in general
  • CollegeTimes.com – Sport Editor and also video game reviewer
  • CagedInsider.com – Irish mixed martial arts reporter
  • PrideofallEurope.com – Feature writing on this Manchester United fans site

I was also a a part of a podcast, affiliated to Radio DBS called ‘Off The M.R.K.’ which has (so far) produced eight 40-55 minute episodes.

Below you can find not only links to my Twitter and LinkedIn pages, but also to some of the articles I’ve written over the last couple of years for these various websites.


linkedin  snip















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